Category>  Visual design/ Motion design 
Company> Square Space
Art Direction / editing > Kay shehata

Approach Video (01) 
Create short social advertisment 15 sec using audience point of view. 
Video 01 showcase transitions that can be applied using the website  in non direct way such as ( Fonts, overlay cropping , adding multiple images ) this advertisment is published targeting people who had the membership of SquareSpace and stopped using it thats why we decided to use the non direct way of using the app and we thought of something more fun and creative.  ​​​​​​​

Approach video (02) 
Create short social advertisment 15 sec using Camera director point of view. 
Video 02 showcase a set and we are viewing the clip from the camera director point view. 
The concept is showing fun creative young team working to build their online business which is a feature SquareSpace has. 
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